Find Your Happy Place!


When you provide care and support to others, there are many rewards and stresses for all of the choices we make. Caregivers have a bad tendency to disregard their own needs and prioritize the needs of others.

Victoria Huff chats with Tracey Lawrence about the ways adult children of aging loved ones can cope better with the demands in their lives and find ways to lead happier lives.

Join them in this lively and informative podcast!

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Now Hear This! 👂🏻

We now have a PODCAST!

Every week, Tracey Lawrence does a live session for her private Facebook group, The Good Kids Club. Now, in addition to the live Zoom chats she has with her very smart friends, the same content is being made available as a podcast. Knowing that busy people can’t always sit and watch, we wanted folks with aging loved ones to be able to listen and learn.

New content will be added at least once a week!

Available on Spreaker, Spotify and iTunes Podcasts!