The Good Kids Club

As parents age, they often become more reliant on their adult children for support. Especially now, when so many are frightened by the prospect of getting sick from a virus that picks on the elderly.

I talk to A LOT of those adult children. Many don’t realize that they are performing a role called “caregiving.” They think of themselves as “Good Kids” helping out their folks because it’s the right thing to do.

And that is a good and noble thing. We should help our parents when we can. Unfortunately, the things they need us to do for them usually escalate over time, and it sneaks up on us. Before we realize it, we go from helping out with occasional errands to engaging in a full-time, unpaid gig that eats our lives.

I started the The Good Kids Club, a private group on Facebook (and a corresponding group on LinkedIn called “Good Kids” with Careers) to educate and inspire people in this growing segment of the population. People are aging at an alarming rate, and their kids are under pressures they never foresaw.

These groups are growing and I hope you’ll join us. We need your voice and perspective. When you ask a question you might think of as “stupid,” a bunch of other people see it and think “Oh yeah! Me too! What can be done about this?”

So I invite you to join our club(s) and let’s help each other. Be a Good Kid and sign up today!



New Year, New Outlook!

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