8 Laws for Healthy Caregiving

These simple lists have been sitting on my desktop for a LONG time. I found them when I was caring for my mother, and I thought it was time to dust them off and offer them for new arrivals to the realm. Here’s the first set of “8 Laws:”

#1 Sustain Your Compassion: Pace yourself

#2 Retain Healthy Skepticism: Things aren’t always what they seem

#3 Learn to Let Go: We can’t control everything

#4 Remain Optimistic: If you’re losing your faith, call someone

#5 Be the Solution: Not the problem

#6 Embrace Discernment: Step back and figure out what’s REALLY going on

#7 Practice Sustainable Self Care: If you go down in flames, so does everyone else

#8 Acknowledge Your Successes: The fact that you’re alive, breathing, getting through your day can be worthy of celebration

The 8 Laws are offered by: © 2003 Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project · www.compassionfatigue.org. The interpretations are mine.


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