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8 Laws for Healthy Caregiving

These simple lists have been sitting on my desktop for a LONG time. I found them when I was caring for my mother, and I thought it was time to dust them off and offer them for new arrivals to the realm. Here’s the first set of “8 Laws:”

#1 Sustain Your Compassion: Pace yourself

#2 Retain Healthy Skepticism: Things aren’t always what they seem

#3 Learn to Let Go: We can’t control everything

#4 Remain Optimistic: If you’re losing your faith, call someone

#5 Be the Solution: Not the problem

#6 Embrace Discernment: Step back and figure out what’s REALLY going on

#7 Practice Sustainable Self Care: If you go down in flames, so does everyone else

#8 Acknowledge Your Successes: The fact that you’re alive, breathing, getting through your day can be worthy of celebration

The 8 Laws are offered by: © 2003 Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project · The interpretations are mine.


Have You Considered “POST-RETIREMENT”?

Folks love to think about retirement: travel to exotic places; golfing during the week; seeing the grandkids whenever you like; leaving the office behind.

But what about AFTER retirement? For most of us, there’s a period when we can no longer maintain an active lifestyle. Age and illness eventually catch up with us, and we can’t play tennis or jump on a plane at a moment’s notice. We often require help from others to get around. Healthcare needs can escalate dramatically.

Have you considered who you might call upon for help? What resources you might draw upon for the expenses? Where you might have to go to meet those needs?

These are questions that are tough to ask. But raising them while you’re healthy can save you and your family a great deal of anguish and money.

If you’ve ever thought “I don’t want to be a burden to my kids,” NOW is the time to act on it.

Over the River and Through the Woods

Who doesn’t LOVE Thanksgiving? Granted, there are those who are sad this time of year, missing those they’ve lost or who live far away. My heart goes out to them.

Here in the northeast, it can get mighty cold, and the weather may be another reason for being turned off by this holiday. And of course, travel becomes a major headache, with so many of us taking to the road and the skies to visit distant loved ones.

But for those of us who are blessed with friends and family, and get to spend time catching up, eating too much and spending quality time, Thanksgiving is such a gift. And you’ve got to be impressed by a holiday that’s called what it is: an occasion to give thanks for all we have.

Thanksgiving is also a time to stop, think and observe. We have an opportunity to see and interact with aging family members. When we stay in touch by phone or messaging, it’s not the same as being with those people. Not seeing facial expressions, body language, movements and reactions, we can miss a lot. Reconnecting in person gives us a chance to see how our loved ones are REALLY doing.

While it can be unpleasant to contemplate, as we age, things change. And if we aren’t paying attention, we can miss important clues as to what’s going on with our family members. By observing and noting changes, we have a chance to intervene and help before things get out of hand.

What kinds of things? Well, cognitive changes are important to note: asking the same question repeatedly, telling the same story more than once, misplacing items. Are they living with a lot of clutter? Are they opening their mail? Are items in the refrigerator old or spoiled?

And even if everything really IS OK, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook, because there are conversations best conducted while everyone is still in good health. Want to know WHAT to ask? We can get you started with a free EBook: 8 Things You Must Discuss With Your Family. You can request yours here. (Just say you want the Free EBook in the comments field).

We wish you a Thanksgiving filled with gratitude, and we’re grateful you stopped by!


Grand Family Planning’s New Blog Site

One certainty in life is THINGS CHANGE. We want to be able to provide quality content to our friends, so we will now be offering our blog on WordPress. You’ll still be able to access it through the Grand Family Planning website. And you probably won’t notice much of a difference in the way it functions. It will just be a little more cost effective for us to do it this way.

We hope you enjoy the new blog and look forward to hearing your comments once we get rolling with new articles and ideas for practicing LIFE control! Thanks for your interest, and do contact us with questions,.